We advise public transport authorities and operators on strategies for achieving modal shift.

Our focus

  • Vision development
  • Network excellence
  • Multimodal strategies
  • Mobility strategies after Covid-19
  • Data Jumpstart
  • Vision development

    Change must be preceded by a vision. Together with you, we create a clear vision for the future of mobility and public transport in your city. In doing so, we think big and long-term. 

    For us, a vision is more than just a pretty picture – it is also functional. We underpin ambitious goals with concrete measures and make them tangible.

    Right from the start, we involve necessary stakeholders and define processes, roles, and responsibilities for implementation. That is how we bring your vision to life and take a big step towards positive change for mobility in cities.

  • Network excellence

    We help you to make public transport the first mobility choice in your city. To achieve this, your transport service must embody the characteristics that most people have so far associated with the private car: fast, flexible, and stress-free.

    Through systematic analyses with interactive, in-house tools, we identify gaps in basic service as well as opportunities for attracting new customers.

    We transform these insights into concrete measures and use them to develop an excellent overall network from the customer’s perspective.

  • Multimodal strategies

    We help you take advantage of the opportunities offered by new forms of mobility such as on-demand services, car sharing, and micromobility. 

    To achieve this, we evaluate the potential of new mobility types, formulate strategic goals and visions for cities and public transport companies, and support you in the interaction and implementation with new mobility providers.

    This helps us to ensure that new mobility offerings contribute to the attractiveness of public transport in your city and are designed to be economically sustainable at the same time.

  • Mobility strategies after Covid-19

    What does the pandemic mean for urban mobility in the long term? How can we prepare public transport services for it today?

    We quantify post-Covid demand scenarios and gain insight into your city’s future mobility patterns with targeted online surveys. 

    Based on this, we develop concrete proposals on how you can attract new customers while maintaining the same level of service and how to best adapt your local public transport offer.

  • Data Jumpstart

    Transport companies generate a plethora of data that contain valuable insights. To make effective use of them, we develop a customized, use-oriented data strategy together with you in just a few weeks.

    This covers the areas of data collection, analysis, and implementation, and prioritizes “quick wins” – ideas with a large impact and easy execution.

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