Change requires vision

We transform the car-friendly city
into a people-friendly city.

Torben Greve, Founder

Together we shape the
future of mobility

The Mobility Institute Berlin (mib) was initiated in the summer of 2018 by Torben Greve, founder of MeinFernbus and co-founder of FlixMobility, Europe’s largest provider of long-distance bus travel, along with four other shareholders. Our goal is to promote changes in urban mobility through consulting and research. We are convinced that different perspectives are needed to master the challenges of urban mobility. To this end, we comprise a constantly growing interdisciplinary team of mobility experts, management consultants, computer scientists, and social scientists.

Our Vision

Despite growing cities, people in urban areas lead a happy life worldwide. City dwellers are able to live healthy, mobile,equitable, harmonious, and sustainable lives.

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve people’s lives through likable and sustainable mobility. We consider public transport to be the backbone of an integrated mobility strategy that also includes new forms of mobility, walking, cycling, and car traffic.

Our principles

Our views on mobility

  • 1
    Mobility is a precondition for societal participation. Public transport fulfils a basic function for society by providing mobility for everyone.
  • 2
    The expansion and customer-focused development of public transport are essential elements of the future design of sustainable and efficient urban mobility.
  • 3
    A sustainable transformation of mobility requires a joint approach to public transport and other forms of sustainable mobility.
  • 4
    Mobility offers can only be successful if they are geared to people’s needs.
  • 5
    Successful public transport services must be competitive with other modes of transport in the long term and meet economic performance criteria.
  • 1
    For positive change in mobility, extensive know-how and different perspectives are needed. To this end, we do interdisciplinary work as a diverse team.
  • 2
    We think outside the box and actively shape the mobile and sustainable future.
  • 3
    Together with other actors, we would like to promote sustainable mobility change. For this reason, we work transparently and cooperatively.
  • 4
    Our work is politically independent, fact-based and practical.
  • 5
    We are committed to the principles of tolerance and value honesty and fairness.

How we work