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Comprehending city and transport today – shaping sustainable mobility of tomorrow

The Mobility Institute Berlin (mib) was initiated by Torben Greve, founder of MeinFernbus and co-founder of FlixMobility, Europe’s largest provider of long-distance bus travel, and four other shareholders in the summer of 2018.

Our goal is to foster a sustainable mobility transition in urban areas through research, teaching and consulting projects. The needs of people and the establishment of an attractive and efficient public transport are our top priorities in this context. Public transport cannot be dealt with in isolation but as an integral part of a comprehensive sustainable mobility strategy, also including pedestrians, cyclists, car traffic and “new mobility”. Combining urban thinking and transportation planning as well as exchanging ideas and practices between research and practice enables us to develop sustainable solutions for current and future urban transport problems worldwide.

Our research and consulting approaches are strongly data driven. We think big and long-term.Through close cooperation with our customers, we develop the vision of the mobility change first. Subsequently, we prepare convincing concepts and support the implementation on request.

Higher quality of urban life

mib Vision
Despite growing cities, people in urban areas lead a happy life worldwide. City dwellers are able to live healthy, more flexible, equally together, peaceful and in a sustainable way.

mib Mission
Our goal is to improve people´s lives by making urban public transport more likeable and efficient.

Our purpose (Our identity)
We trigger and drive urban change by making public transport more likeable and efficient. With a people-centred approach we design strategies and concepts for sustainable mobility and city development - by research, teaching and consulting.

Stadt der Zukunft, Menschen, Stadtbewohner, lebenswert

mib principles – our way of thinking

Our work in research and consulting is characterized by the following principles:

  • 1.
    We are convinced that a profound advancement of public transport is crucial for future sustainable and efficient mobility in cities.

  • 2.
    We are convinced that the key to success of all public transport services is to base planning and management experiences primarily on customer experiences.

  • 3.
    We are convinced that successful public transport services in the long-term must compete effectively with other modes of transport as well as operate a profitably and economically business.

  • 4.
    We are convinced that the potential of digitalization and (artificial) intelligent data analysis must be both part of public transport customer experience and planning as well as structural principles of public transport activities and outputs.

  • 5.
    We claimconstant political independence for our research and transparent insights.

  • 6.
    We are committed to a spirit of tolerance, protection of personal privacy, principles of non-discrimination, integrity, mutual respect and fairness in our daily work.

These principles are binding for our actions towards customers, business partners and staff as well as to the public.

mib Background – the urban world through our glasses

Today about 55% of the world population live in cities. By 2050, this figure is expected to rise to 68% (approximately 6.7 billion people, UNDP Forecast 2018).

Shaping the mobility of tomorrow is therefore vital to the quality of life, sustainable protection of environment and climate, and economic prosperity. Urban mobility is facing multiple objectives: improving people´s daily lives, being economically and socially viable and desirable and, at the same time, ...

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mib approach – how we work

mib is committed to work actively on designing and shaping this future. The objective of our work is to improve both, people’s quality of life and the sustainable and livable development of cities by offering attractive and intelligent solutions.

Our approach is two-fold: consulting transport agencies, operators, key actors and decision-makers in the public and private sectors, of the one part, ...

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Are you a game changer for transportation, too?

You actively want to change urban mobility of the future? You share our vision of a more sustainable future in urban mobility? You like our work philosophy? Get in touch with us!